History begin

LICOGI College, formerly known as the Motor workers affiliated No.2 Construction Corporation and Infrastructure Development (LICOGI) – The Ministry of Construction was established under Decision No. 538 under / BXD October 1 1974 of the Ministry of construction on the two cases consolidated basis CNCG school No. 1 and No. 2 with the task CNCG trained technical workers jobs operating construction machinery, mechanical crafts provide manpower for the construction industry and to society.

In 1992 the school was renamed the School of mechanized construction workers.

Due to development needs, in Decision No. 1531 / QD-BXD of November 7, 2006 the school was renamed upgrade vocational schools Motorized – Construction engineering

On 21 May 01 2008 Minister of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs issued Decision No. 254 / QD – BLĐTBXH on the establishment of vocational colleges based LICOGI upgrade vocational schools Motorized – Civil Engineering right.

May 14, 2014 Construction Minister signed Decision No. 530 / QD-BXD on receiving LICOGI College of Construction Corporation and Infrastructure Development under the Ministry LICOGI of Construction.

The process of building and growth of the school attached to the development, growth of the Corporation for construction and infrastructure development through the period, along with the key works on all parts of the country.

Over 41 years, the school has trained over five thousand technicians, professional qualities and skills to meet the requirements of the Ministry of Construction, Corporation LICOGI, providing manpower for the construction industry and for the society.

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Tuần này:  22784
Tháng này:  1281793
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